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旅游学刊 2014, Vol. 29 (3) :13 -21 doi:10.3969/j.issn.1002-5006.2014.03.002 <<-上一篇 下一篇 ->>
引用: 杨振之,论旅游的本质[J].旅游学刊,2014,29(3):13-21
四川大学旅游学院,四川 成都 610064
On the Essence of Tourism
YANG Zhenzhi
Tourism College,Sichuan University,Chengdu 610064,China
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关键词本质 体验 旅游的本质 诗意地栖居
分类号: F59

Arguments about the essence of tourism in academic circles never stops and brings forth various views. This paper holds the viewpoint that the previous discussions of the essence of tourism basically haven’t achieved their goal. All the definitions of tourism only superficially involve tourism itself-to define it as social, economic or other phenomena. Hence, the essence of tourism needs to be re-evaluated.
In order to permit readers to comprehend what is the essence of tourism, this paper summarizes different opinions on the philosophers at different times. Western phenomenology research on essence shows that it is closer to essence itself. Moreover, this paper systemizes opinions on the essence of tourism at home and aboard and delivers comments on them, while focusing on refuting the opinion that the essence of tourism is the tourism experience.
Although experience is an individual behavioral process accompanying travel. Tourist experience cannot be said to act as the tourism essence but the basic characteristics. Because the essence of things is the essential attribute which makes things become themselves, it distinguishes one from another. Being the basic feature of tourism, experience does not distinguish one form of tourism from others. Plenty of things are featured with experience, such as music, movies, love. Concisely, all the unique understandings and psychological feelings in these processes can be experience. As long as people are alive, their everyday behavior can create experience, not just from tourism. Therefore, there is an obscure understanding of essence. Since the essence of tourism is not tourist experience, what is the essence and what are the fundamental characteristics of tourism? How does tourism exist? And why does tourism exist?
Based on the understanding of Heidegger’s phenomenology, this paper proposes that the essence of tourism is “man dwells poetically on this earth” and discusses the essence of tourism in detail with the theory of phenomenology. Through traveling, humans can go to the distance for living, search for themselves and find themselves. People on journeys feel the perfection of essence and make an effort to experience it . During the journey, under the sky, on the earth, humans acquire light, which further reveals the essence of tourism. Although tourism is in the form of human’s spatial movement, it is essentially about people’s going the distance and realizing “man dwells poetically on this earth” by self revelation. People, in this way, gain a meaning for their existence. At the end of this paper, three ways are suggested to realize the essence of tourism. One is philosophy, another is mathematics and the last is tourism planning. In addition, it makes brief comments on these three ways. “Dwelling” can be measured, modeled, and rationalized, however, “poetic” is just a soul feeling, perception and experience. Ultimately, tourism is an inner feeling which cannot be calculated and more invisible than logic. Therefore, it criticizes the prevalent supremacy of science technology and mathematical measurement, and is yearning for these innovations in tourism research.

Keywords: essence experience the essence of tourism man dwells poetically on this earth


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